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Digital Printing and Promotions



Mr. Discount PC   is a professional,  and dependable Website designing company based in the USA with an international flavor and outreach. We have  a reputation for designing professional Websites, exceptional customer service and quality Web consulting services at  affordable low prices backed by written satisafction guarantees. Anybody can afford our rate pegged at  $199 during our promotions . We don't string clients with misleading  quotes such as  "starts from $199" without mentioning the end charge.  


We position ourselves as a one-stop outfit for seamless operation of Web design, web hosting operations as well as  Printing and Photo services under one commercial business location in Hicksville, New York. We are adept at understanding the specification of our clients and transforming their dreams and ideas from rudimentary imaginations into a publication  reality noticeable off-line in print media or  online on  the internet virtual space.


From the start, our friendly and dedicated  team  works  deligently  with clients to understand their unique needs and specifications. Armed with a full understanding of each client's expectations and armed with the best tools available in the industry, we unleash  a  professional design  that promotes  pride, productivity and profitability for each client in a timely manner.


Furthermore, with honesty and integrity, we will not bore our clients with computer lingo to confuse them and give an impression of expertise. We will provide you the relaxation and confidence to express your needs and concerns in  straight layman's terms. Your question may be as simple and basic as "what does  a 5-page Web site mean? We will gladly provide explanations without a haughty mentality. In addition, we use the easiest and friendliest software  package to design  our web sites.  After we developed your site, should you want to maintain it by yourself, the availability of an easy-to-use software package will provide you  the ease of mind  to stay ahead of your competition. We are sincerely proud of the work we do. This pride provides the impetus for us to be  upfront to our clients without hesitation, double talk or switch and bait tendencies akin to some in the industry.

 Below are many more reasons to choose one of our services:




We offer very good quality products through our esteemed in-house team of experts. If you are not satisfied with our design layout, we go the extra distance to continue to modify it until your needs are met because quality and customer satisfaction are our greatest asset.


Impressive track record

In today's market we are one of the  Website designing companies with an outstanding  track record.  We can challenge our clients to find a Website designing company that offers relaxation and confidence to inexperienced  or  busy customers. Also we  have a superb portfolio backed by a network of internal and external expertise.

We strongly encourage our clients to shop around to convince themselves that others charge exorbitantly   for similar services and designs we offer for less so that every individual or company can afford a web presence. We encourage our customers to avoid fly by night companies or switch and bait outfits that refuse to commit promises on paper. Above all, when feasible, we encourage our local clients to visit our physical location to ascertain that we are what we claim to be.




Brochures are the harbingers  for serious  marketing efforts. Their special purpose is not only to
inform the customer about the products or services you offer, but also to
emphasize the fact that you offer better solutions than your numerous competitors.

The creation of such a unique, delicate and important tool for any  business must
be trusted  in the hands of professional designers. Our experience and skill

Ensure  that the brochure we create for you will be of the same quality and caliber
of marketing materials used by large corporations, but at an affordable low cost to keep you your company profitable and sound.